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New Monthly Membership Type Added
Published on 13-11-2017

Hello Members

New Membership Type Added :

"MONTHLY TEST" Membership Price- $7 / Month.

Special Benefits:

* 100% Referrals Clicks - You have More Direct OR Rent Referrals, Your Earnings Easily MORE!

* You Get $2 Upgrade Commission - Any of your direct referral get Upgrade the same"MONTHLY TEST" Membership.

* If You CLICK ADS regularly in total 30 days, You will Get $1 FIXED Monthly BONUS/Monthly Salary.

* Quick Payouts!

Don't Wait - Upgrade NOW - Double Your CASH in Short DAY

 Further Have Any Queries, Please Open Support Ticket.


Best Regards!


to All WORLD Members - FIXED Monthly Salary !
Published on 30-09-2017

Hello members

FIXED Monthly Salary ! Offer In Paid to Click Money Program.

$0.25 Monthly Bonus For Standard Members.

$1.50 Monthly Salary For Golden Members

$3.00 Monthly Salary For Platinum Members

$4.00 Monthly Salary For Diamond Members

$13.00 Monthly Salary For Diamond + Members.

Eligible Requirements : 1.Must Be Upgraded Member 2. Must Be Click 30 days Regularly to get monthly salary.

Monthly Salary Offer  Is Effective From 1 October 2017

Further Have any queries related above offer, please open a support ticket.

Best Regards!



New Withdraw/Payout Method For All INDIA UPGRADED Members
Published on 22-09-2017

New Withdraw/Payout Method For All INDIA UPGRADED Members

From 1 October 2017 India UPGRADED members can request payout through Airtel Money Number.

How to Request/Update Airtel Money Number by login account?

* Login Your Account. *Click on 'Personal Settings'.

* Select Skrill , Enter Skrill Account Email Id Or AirtelMoney 11 digit Number {For Example: AirtelMoney - 01234567890}.

* You have to enter your current password to save the new changes.

Please Note : This Payment method available from 1 October 2017 & It is Only for Upgraded members to Request withdraw/Payout.

Best regards!


to all INDIA members
Published on 25-08-2017

Hello members

 to all INDIA members , here we guide "PLEASE REQUEST PAYOUT/ADD FUNDS/UPGRADE ACCOUNT Through SKRILL payment method" from today.

Best regards!

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